Living Well

Living Well

More Choices – More Possibilities

At Westminster Place, everything we do is designed to encourage older adults to enjoy their independence and get the utmost out of their retirement lifestyle. To that end, we developed our CHOICES program that offers you a wide range of activities and possibilities across the seven dimensions of wellness. From personal wellness to personal accomplishment, the CHOICES program allows you to choose the programs that suit you best, and to give you a healthy appetite for retirement living at its best.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

CHOICES Program for Seniors


Social Events for Seniors

The CHOICES program makes meeting and getting to know your neighbors easy and fun. It also offers you a wide range of social events to choose from every week.


Physical Fitness Program for Seniors

Whether physical fitness is a goal or a way of life for you, the CHOICES program empowers you by offering everyone a number of ways to become more active and physically fit.


Intellectual Activities for Seniors

Learning new things and new activities allows you to keep your mind active and engaged. The CHOICES program allows you to explore artistic pursuits like painting, learning a musical instrument or even pursuing a higher education.


Spiritual Activities for Seniors

Through the program, we offer a variety of activities with a spiritual dimension. From yoga, tai chi and meditation to traditional religious services and pastoral care.


Emotional Wellness Program for Seniors

The CHOICES program promotes emotional wellness through programs that let you unleash your creativity, compassion, your talents and your own personal style.


Environmental Awareness Program for Seniors

CHOICES offers a variety of educational programs to promote environmental awareness and allow you to help play a role in making Westminster Place a greener and more environmentally responsible community.


Charitable & Community Service Programs for Seniors

Our volunteer programs get you involved in supporting others through a variety of charitable and community service programs both on and off campus.

Our CHOICES program allows you to mix and match the programs and activities any way you choose. It allows you to find new friends, explore new interests and do all those things you never had time for before.