8 Incredible TED Talks About Aging

Incredible TED Talks About Aging

TED Talks are a popular forum for experts from around the globe to deliver their knowledge and experience to an audience eager to learn. The following videos are examples of these discussions from an array of speakers covering the topic of aging.

From the passing of wisdom through experience to thoughts on the aging process, there is a surplus of information to be gained from these speakers. 

1. Wisdom from Great Writers on Every Year of Life Joshua Prager (6:01)

2. You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How Sandrine Thuret (11:04)

3. Alzheimer's is Not Normal Aging — And We Can Cure It Samuel Cohen (7:53)

4. How Young Blood Might Help Reverse Aging. Yes, Really Tony Wyss-Coray (13:35)

5. How to Live Passionately—No Matter Your Age Isabel Allende (8:16)

6. How Societies Can Grow Old Better Jared Diamond (18:11)

7. Older People Are Happier Laura Carstensen (11:38)

8. Your Genes Are Not Your Fate Dean Ornish (3:12)

These are just a handful of the amazing TED Talks available in regards to aging. To learn more about the topic of aging or how to look at aging from a new perspective, check out the TED Talks website. What are some of your favorite TED Talks?